Sustainable development is perceived as one of the greatest challenges of humanity. Through our sustainability policy and implementation of the Sustainable Management System, Caribe Hospitality seeks to be a role model and encourages its contributors, visitors and public in general to help create a balanced society.

Our Sustainability Model

Caribe Hospitality develops projects incorporating basic principles of sustainability to all of its phases (design, construction and operation). In 2011, we created our sustainability policy and a Sustainable Management System containing detailed procedures and plans to follow according to the development phase of the hotel. Our Sustainable Management System incorporates aspects such as erosion and storm water control, management of solid and liquid waste, rational use of energy and water, occupational safety, inventory of greenhouse gas emissions, community relations, among others.

Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED)

Some of our projects are selected to apply for Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certification under the rating system for New Construction which consists in the development of sustainable constructions. These projects incorporate advanced technologies to reduce its environmental impact through optimization of energy performance, reduction of potable water use, use of insulating materials in the exterior shell, use of low emission windows, ensure adequate indoor air quality, access to public transportation and utilities, among others. Currently the Courtyard Alajuela is Costa Rica’s first hotel to obtain Silver certification.

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