Our Business

We develop and manage high standard hospitality investments in a sustainable and profitable manner with a top performing team.

Globalization has proven to be a challenge for the Latin American and Caribbean regions; to face these circumstances the area has converted into an integrated business unit that is an attractive destination to the rest of the world. This phenomenon means increased trade within the region, as well as with the rest of the world.

As a consequence, there is a demand for higher quality products and services. This is especially reflected in the challenge of providing a hospitality infrastructure that can accommodate the different people that now travels between countries.

Our Strategy

Caribe Hospitality is a company born out of the objective of developing hotels to be managed by experienced and reputable hoteliers. The strategy starts by selecting key locations and building facilities that are designed and fitted to meet the needs of business and leisure travelers.

We achieve our vision of being the leading regional developer of the best and most prestigious brands of hotels through efficiency, commitment, teamwork and responsibility, all key components of the long-term relationship with our business partners.

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